The curse

Björketorps stone in Blekinge/sweden (the one to the right) has a curse written on it that goes like this ” I, master of the runes conceal here runes of power. Incessantly plagued by maleficence, doomed to insidious death is he who breaks this monument”BC4Y9638s.jpg


Neglected – The Boat graveyard I

Tjurkö – Sweden has a wonderful hidden place tucked away in a cove, four rusting boats sits in the water wasting away. Most of the boats was put here in the 1960s and somehow it all went into oblivion. BC4Y9661s.jpg

Ken Wegas has left the showbiz

The last Ken Wegas show was a really fun and touching event, culminating in a tearfelt marrige proposal to his gal Sandra. And now he has left the stage lights to stand in a completely different light with his wife to be. 5/5BC4Y4187BC4Y4146BC4Y4009BC4Y3567sBC4Y3852IMG_8852IMG_8824