Faces of evil

Faces of evil

Oliver Adzievski – Professional body builder

Oliver Adzievski - Professioanl body builder

This was an interesting photoshoot and a great chance to evolve as a photographer, i have never taken any photos of this kind before. This was 15minutes of intense photographing and the photos was taken at Olivers gym Fitness force in Trelleborg Sweden. Here is one photo from the photosession.

Trelleborgs Ångcentral anno 1929 del 1

Trelleborgs Ångcentral anno 1929 del 1

I visited our old Steamcentral that was built by Trelleborg (the rubber factory) and it supplied the ever expanding factories around with Steam power. It was built from 1927-1928 and it is a really cool place to visit. I will be going back here in three weeks time since i only had 15mins to take photos this time.