Ken Wegas has left the showbiz

The last Ken Wegas show was a really fun and touching event, culminating in a tearfelt marrige proposal to his gal Sandra. And now he has left the stage lights to stand in a completely different light with his wife to be. 5/5BC4Y4187BC4Y4146BC4Y4009BC4Y3567sBC4Y3852IMG_8852IMG_8824

Skanörs church anno 1200

Skanörs church anno 1100

This church was built around 1200th century and has been added to through the years, They have found remnants from an earlier church in the north side of the church wall.

Torderup castle

Torderup castle

This magnificent castle was built in the 1500th century after the old castle burned down to the ground (the ruins of the old castle lies just a stone throw away). Torderup is the old danish spelling of the castle and today we call it Torup.

St Hammars old church

St Hammars old church

This church is one of the most well preserved early medieval churches in southern sweden. It was built around 1150 and before it was built there was a stave church here on this spot. A remnant from that church was built into the new one and in the attic one can find a beam with viking runes on it. The tower is from the 1200 century.