The car cemetery in Ryd – Sweden

In the deep forests of Småland you can find this fine pearl hidden away. Around 150 cars lies scattered and abandoned. In the 1950s Åke who owned the land started to swap and buy metal scraps , cars and even a war plane that supposedly can be found in the woods somewhere. When Åke left the premisses in the early 90’s it all went into decay. This place was amazing to visit.

Benedictine echoes

Bosjö cloister-church and castle is a magnificent series of buildings perched on a slope beside a great lake. It was built in 1180 as a benedictine cloister and later converted to a castle. In the 1800th century very heavy handed restorations destroyed much of the old medieval look.

Defender of Kalmar

The foundations of this fine castle was laid in the 1100th century and has been built upon/rebuilt alot of times during the ages. In 1611 the danish laid siege to the castle and won but 1613 the swedish took it over again. Between 1736-41 the very rotten and dilapidated castle was used as a prison. 1850 the castle was rejuvenated and rebuilt.

Skegrie Church

Skegrie church was built in the late 1100s. They found remenants of a much older church while renovating the floor in the 1940s. The older church was most likely a stavechurch. If you look to the right in the picture you can see Skegrie dösen wich is and old passage grave from the younger stoneage consisting of 17 stones.BC4Y0143

Trelleborgs old hospital anno 1893

This fine old building started out with one floor and was gradually added to as time went by. Each window in the towers had a sickbed below it but in 1934 the place was too small for the growing community so a new bigger hospital was built. Later on this building was used as a library, music school, museum and refugee camp. Today it stands empty and is currently on the market to be sold off.