Skegrie Church

Skegrie church was built in the late 1100s. They found remenants of a much older church while renovating the floor in the 1940s. The older church was most likely a stavechurch. If you look to the right in the picture you can see Skegrie dösen wich is and old passage grave from the younger stoneage consisting of 17 stones.BC4Y0143

Hagia Sophia ceiling

Haga Sofia ceiling

The church is really big in every way, my 16-35 lens was not enough in there. At first i was annoyed by the scaffolding but i learned how to use it to make it interesting. If i come back to that church i will bring my 10-22 and i will buy a fishlens just for that occation.

St Hammars old church

St Hammars old church

This church is one of the most well preserved early medieval churches in southern sweden. It was built around 1150 and before it was built there was a stave church here on this spot. A remnant from that church was built into the new one and in the attic one can find a beam with viking runes on it. The tower is from the 1200 century.