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Ok yesterday started out really bad, my laptop would’nt start. I bought a new power cable and the thing started up, but it stopped right before it could load windows. It was impossible to get it past that point, no repair or fail safe mode worked. It told me to get outside help. So i did, i bought a docking station for HD’s and chucked my laptop HD in that thing and plugged it into my old rustbucket stationary computer and it worked!, i could safely copy all my unsaved files and stuff over to the bucket.

But i used my laptop to post photos here so that needed fixin!, said and done i went into Malmö today and bought a brand new Laptop with a 17″3 ISP screen, SSD HD and more ram than i need, wroom!

Needless to say it will take some time to get that star trek thing ready for action so expect some photoless days from me.